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Winter Frolics in Malta

By Lara

If there’s one amazing advantage to staying on a Mediterranean island, this is that it’s always a great time to visit! The winter months in Malta are full of magic, with many tourists prefering to visit during these less busy months so as to make the most of the gorgeous scenery and the eclectic activities.

Even in throughout February and March, the weather stays mild enough to enjoy outdoor activities. The sun is more gentle, allowing for leisurely walks along the promenade, where you can gaze upon the flotilla of sailing boats that will surely be out, basking in the open sea. You are even likely to spot quite a few swimmers, as swimming is an all-round sport in Malta really, and on sunny winter days people still get to enjoy a day at the beach. Tempted? We say go for it – during winter, the water is at its cleanest and most refreshing!

If the countryside is more your thing, there is also plenty of nature to enjoy. Weekend hiking is extremely popular, with many off-the-beaten track pathways to explore, giving way to stunning cliffside views. We will be happy to offer you our suggestions to help you discover Malta’s secret beauty spots.

Culture vultures will be spoilt for choice, with myriad museums waiting to be discovered, shedding light on Malta’s rich heritage and making for the perfect day out on wet days. There’s more too, as film buffs can discover both mainstream and arthouse cinema, while there is always a concert or two taking place during any given week. Of course, in Malta there are several COVID-19 regulations being implemented, which means that these public places can be visited with full peace of mind, as these precautions are strictly enforced.

Gastronomy remains a big attraction for many visiting the island, and here too we can help with our recommendations according to your mood – from Michelin-star restaurants, to cheap and cheerful Italian pizzerie, food in Malta is treated with the respect it deserves.

Whoever said that winter had to be boring, didn’t live on a Mediterranean island!