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Saint Julian's

Affordable Hotels in St. Julian's

There aren’t many places in Malta that offer such an abundance of glittering hues, buzzing bars and a cosmopolitan air, but St. Julian’s is one such location that will leave you astounded by its rich culture, 24-hour spirit and numerous attractions. The gateway to Malta’s nightlife capital, St. Julian’s is the perfect getaway for those who seek to explore the Mediterranean lifestyle, lively night-time entertainment and the authenticity of a youthful town.

Choosing hotels in this area might seem a little daunting, and there are certainly a few available, but not all of the hotels in St. Julian’s require extensive budgets; in fact there are some bargains to be enjoyed.

St. Julian’s is a town that thrives on tourism, and so budget hotels are often the first choice for tourists seeking to spend more on the sites, shops and souvenirs than on hotels. For leisure or business travellers, St. Julian’s boasts as being an affordable and lively destination that offers all amenities and facilities, with excellent transport links to Malta’s capital city of Valletta and the International Airport, making commuting hassle-free.

Choosing from all of the hotels available in an area like St. Julian’s can often be a terrifying task for the unseasoned traveller, but finding all of the information you need and comparing prices is a doddle today. Many hotels in St. Julian’s have attractive and user-friendly websites that lure you in with guaranteed low rates, sensational offers and online booking facilities.

The Valentina Hotel in St. Julian's is one such hotel that provides all of the information and more online, allowing its potential guests to browse through all of its facilities and to seek out exclusive offers, discounts on rooms and special promotions. The Valentina Hotel offers several types of guest rooms depending on the number of persons and your budget, is wheelchair friendly, offers a daily breakfast and boasts a rooftop pool, business centre and martini bar. More than what one would typically expect from budget hotels in St. Julian’s; the Valentina Hotel promises a delightful and memorable stay that will not break the bank balance.

The key to enjoying staying in budget hotels in St. Julian’s is to make the most of all of the amenities on offer. You are free to stay within the confines of the hotel or go out and explore at your heart’s desire, and the range of bars, cafes, restaurants, shops and entertainment facilities ensure that you will never be left wondering what to do. Several beaches are within easy walking distance too.

The advantages of being able to browse and book hotels in St. Julian’s online are numerous; you can be sure of what you are getting; the Valentina Hotel’s website provides extensive image galleries of all of the guest rooms and facilities within the hotel, and offers plenty of information regarding transport, access, room facilities and extra services, ensuring that guests’ needs are met even before they book their rooms. St. Julian’s is a vibrant district that promises memorable evenings, cultural experience and the chance to make new friends, and if the quieter life is for you, don’t worry, as the Valentina Hotel is located in a quiet residential area just minutes away from casinos, restaurants and a stunning marina. 

So why wait? Start packing for an affordable and memorable stay in St. Julian’s!