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Hotels for families in Malta

Malta is the perfect place to visit when you go on a holiday with your family. A sunny day at the beach is always a good fun for children and Malta has numerous amazing beaches that the whole family can enjoy. Parents can go snorkelling and diving and explore the spectacular underwater world of the Mediterranean.  Other outgoing opportunities for families with small children are also available from boat trips and water sports to animal parks, an aquarium and much more.

One of the biggest questions when planning a holiday is where the family should stay. Tourism in Malta is a prosperous industry, especially in the summer; hence there are countless hotels all over the island. Choosing one can be hard so hit is important to do your research before making a booking.

Choose your location

Read and research various different locations of hotels in Malta. There are more quiet little towns where you can have a really peaceful holiday but if you would like to meet many people and be close to the bustling life of Malta you should choose one of the popular tourist towns like St. Julian’s. Here you will never be bored. The capital city of Valletta is only a few minutes away by bus and the most beautiful beaches of the island can be reached from this very central location. The biggest advantage of St. Julian’s compared to other tourist towns like Bugibba or Sliema is that its beach is sandy so it is preferable for younger children.

In St. Julian’s you can easily find places to go together for lunch or dinner and the area also offers a range of shops and entertainment facilities, including a cinema and a bowling alley.

After choosing the ideal town the next step is to find the hotel.

Make sure that the hotel you will be staying at is a place where they not only tolerate but cater specifically for families. How do you know if they do so? Just look up their website or read some reviews on Tripadvisor – you will see if the hotel is good enough for you and your family. Hotel Valentina, for instance, has rooms specially designed for families and stunning rooftop pool, which means that they are prepared to accommodate families with children. This modern boutique hotel is proud of its intimate service that ensures that all guests feel at home. This friendly atmosphere and the ideal location of the hotel in St. Julian’s make Valentina one of the best hotels in Malta for families to choose.

Just like most hotels in Malta the Hotel Valentina provides a breakfast service, but you also get a 10% discount coupon for The Avenue restaurant, which is one of the best restaurants for children and families in the area.

Book in advance

After you have chosen your ideal accommodation do not forget to book your room in advance so you will not be disappointed. The earlier you book the better chances you have to find an available room in the selected hotel, and you will also benefit from better room rates.

On Hotel Valentina’s website you can check the availability and get price information easily before booking your accommodation online.