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When coming to visit Malta the accommodation you will be staying at will definitely influence the experience, so choosing wisely is a necessity. If you would prefer to stay in a cosier environment you should choose a smaller boutique hotel in Malta.

What is a boutique hotel?

There are some characteristics which define a boutique hotel, yet these are not officially prescribed rules. A few features of a traditional boutique hotel are the following:

Unique design. Boutique hotels offer a unique, distinctive style, an environment which mirrors intimacy, service and hospitality.

Personal service. A boutique hotel never has a huge room capacity; in fact, they rarely have more than 150 rooms. But the most important difference between regular and a boutique hotel is in Malta is the relationship between the guests and the employee. In boutique hotels the employees often know the name of all guests and treat them all individually.

Location. This is a key factor. Most boutique hotels are in the downtown area of a busy city or in special resort destinations. City location is not only important because of the comfort of the guests but also because of the image. It is also a requirement to have some attractions just near to the hotel.

Facilities. Especially for large towns and cities boutique hotels technology is an important factor. Electronic devices such as computers, flat-screen televisions and iPad and iPod docking stations are not uncommon in the best boutique hotels.

Boutique Hotels in Malta

The world’s most famous boutique hotels can be found in huge metropolises like New York, London or Los Angeles. Malta, of course, does not have such huge cities but in the busy towns you can find some beautiful boutique hotels here too.

St. Julian’s, for instance, is such a bustling town that many visitors would like to stay there. The business area of Portomaso also attracts some businessman who would like to stay in a place which is near to the office buildings and offers extensive services.

Just in the middle of this busy area you can find one of Malta’s most modern boutique hotels called the Valentina Hotel. The family owned superior boutique hotel is decorated in a modern contemporary style. It offers 94 rooms altogether, all of which are well-equipped: free air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, an iPod/iPad docking station and electronic safe is supplied with each room. Parking is also free for guests and there is an amazing rooftop pool from where a stunning view of Portomaso and St Julian’s can be witnessed. A meeting room for business purposes is also available.

In a place like the Valentina Hotel you feel like you have come home: the service is friendly and personal, the rooms are spacious and have everything one needs. In the lobby you can also find computers and printers with free Wi-Fi access. A 24-hour bar and The Avenue Restaurant ensure that guests are never hungry or thirsty.

Visiting Malta is always an experience, but staying in the Valentina boutique hotel in Malta is such a special experience that you will never forget it.